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Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets Master Craft Dobby - Statue

Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets Master Craft Dobby - Statue

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Attention all Harry Potter fans! Remember the mischievous and loyal house-elf . "Dobby ." from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"? Despite being a loyal servant of the Malfoy family . he always had a soft spot for Harry and was quick to come to his aid. So . it was when Harry finally helped Dobby gain his freedom . their bond became unbreakable!

And now for the exciting news! The team at Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' has just released a must-have collectible statue of Dobby from the "Harry Potter" films! This stunning . hand-crafted model captures every detail of Dobby's skin and features a real linen . cloth outfit. And that's not all - it also comes with a diary book containing Harry Potter's grey socks (yes . you read that right!) and a S.P.E.W. badge on Bobby's chest. It's heartening to see a house-elf so passionate about promoting elfish welfare! Don't wait any longer - head over to a Beast Kingdom official outlet now and grab one of the only 3000 limited edition Dobby statues available worldwide! Trust us when we say . true Harry Potter fans cannot afford to miss out on this collectible!

  • Size: Approx. 15.3 inches High
  • Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom
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